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Imagine this. After a hard day at work, you are in the lift going up to your apartment; using your iPhone you ensure that, by the time you open your front door, the blinds in your apartment have been automatically closed, your favourite music is playing on your home theatre system, the air-conditioning is adjusting the room temperature perfectly, and your high-definition projector is already on and showing your favourite program on the projection screen. With AMX control systems this home automation solution is available to you today; many elements of your home can be controlled using an AMX control system and your iPod or iPad.

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AMX control systems are the market leader in automated control panels for homes, offices, and retail/hospitality environments. The AMX integrated controller is the heart of any home automation system. It can accept many different types of connection into one box including Infrared, Relay, dry contact closure switching, and RS232 Serial. The controller is connected to a wireless network, which can be accessed by your mobile hand-held device such as an iPhone or IPad. This allows you to control many elements of your home from outside your home including audio, video, lighting, Air-conditioning & blinds. Wireless networking also means that you can hide away items such as amplifiers without needing to worry about clear lines of sight for infrared access, further streamlining the minimal look and feel of your design.

You can also use AMX’s in-wall or freestanding touch-screen panels or utilise their easy-to-use remote control. Imagine one easy to use device that can be programmed to execute sequenced events, just by pressing one button. For example, let us say you want to watch a DVD. The AMX remote control can be pre-programmed to automatically close your blinds, turn down the lights to a pre-set level, turn on your projector & surround-sound system, lower your projector screen, power up your DVD player and have the tray open ready to receive your Blu-Ray disc – all with the press of one button.

AMX Control systems are just as flexible in a corporate, hospitality or retail environment as well and can be programmed to create a uniform look, minimizing the need for staff training – especially useful for large companies with mobile staff who need to be able to quickly make use of projectors, videoconferencing facilities in overseas offices. Retail applications include pre-programmable music & AV solutions that enable music & video to be programmed to start and stop at exactly the right time, eliminating the need for staff training or any outside involvement from in-store staff. The system can be accessed remotely, which has many applications for new product launches and timely tech support, should problems arise.