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BiAmp systems are used for speaker systems management enabling you to control multiple sound sources requiring different volume levels in different zones from one centralized unit. This saves you a lot of space and streamlines the whole sound control system process significantly, enabling ease of use.

For example, imagine you need to control an iPod in the lounge bar of a hotel, another iPod in the lobby, and yet another in the restaurant with a further one located in the disco that is only used during early operation hours.

Each of these environments requires different gain, equalization, and EQ settings. This would normally require a separate amplifier and mixer channel for each unit. With BiAmp DSP’s, this whole process becomes very simple as you only need one unit. This offers you savings of 30% or more when compared to traditional methods, as well as giving you 100% control of your speaker systems at any time. This can be useful in an emergency such as a fire evacuation where you might need to speak to everyone in the building at once.

You can download a product data sheet by clicking HERE.