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Sonance Invisible Speakers

We are exclusive distributors for SONANCE invisible speaker products in Hong Kong and Macau. We also supply their products throughout the entire Asia Pacific region. SONANCE are well known for the SA2C, the world’s best known invisible loudspeaker. Flush mounted in a wall or in a ceiling, the SA2C blends into any interior design finish […]


SÉURA’s LCD Vanishing TV mirrors, mirror TV’s, illuminated mirrors and waterproof mirror television systems offer a clever, space saving solution that looks impressive in many different environments. Imagine being able to watch TV in the bath or while taking a shower or impressing your friends or clients with now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t TV technology. SÉURA offers picture quality that is brighter and crisper than any other mirror TV of its kind. In […]

iPort for iPod and iPad

iPort offers three product lines that can enable you to play music on your hi-fi equipment, view video photos on your TV or control various elements in your house all from your iPod, iPhone, iTouch or iPad. The iPort solution provides an easy to use interface that you will already be familiar with at a price that can be up to 95% cheaper than […]

iLight Dimming Systems

iLight is a leading UK based architectural lighting control specialist offering a complete suite of lighting source controllers. With iLights controllers and interfaces, you are able to control many different sources of light such as Fluorescent, LED, Tungsten Halogen and Incandescent lightfrom just one unit. As you would normally need one box for each type […]

AMX Control System

Imagine this. After a hard day at work, you are in the lift going up to your apartment; using your iPhone you ensure that, by the time you open your front door, the blinds in your apartment have been automatically closed, your favourite music is playing on your home theatre system, the air-conditioning is adjusting […]

BiAmp Digital Sound Processors

BiAmp systems are used for speaker systems management enabling you to control multiple sound sources requiring different volume levels in different zones from one centralized unit. This saves you a lot of space and streamlines the whole sound control system process significantly, enabling ease of use. For example, imagine you need to control an iPod […]