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iPort offers three product lines that can enable you to play music on your hi-fi equipment, view video photos on your TV or control various elements in your house all from your iPod, iPhone, iTouch or iPad. The iPort solution provides an easy to use interface that you will already be familiar with at a price that can be up to 95% cheaper than buying a traditional touch-screen control panel. There are three product lines available:

You can learn more about iPort docking systems by clicking HERE or download product data sheets by clicking on the items below:

  1. CM IW 2000 Product Sheet
  2. iPort CM 100T Product Sheet
  3. iPort FS-21 Product Sheet
  4. iPort FS-22 Product Sheet
  5. iPort FS-23 Product Sheet
  6. iPort IW-20 Product Sheet
  7. iPort IW-21 Product Sheet
  8. iPort IW 22 Product Sheet
  9. iPort IW-21 Product Sheet 2009-01-Web

1. Control Mount Panel System: The control mount system enables you to semi-permanently install an iTouch into the wall housing and use this as an entertainment source to access the internet, play music on your h-fi and watch videos or view photos on your TV. In addition, you can use your iPhone, iTouch or iPad as a remote control to access the media contained on the iTouch from wherever you are in your environment and view your media library on your TV via iPorts’ useful media interface. You can watch a short video that explains more about how you can use the Control Mount System by clicking HERE.

2. IW In-Wall system: The I-Port IW in-wall system enables you to plug in your iPhone, iPad, iPod or iTouch in the wall-mounted recess and view photos & watch videos on your TV as well as listen to music on your Hi-fi. Your device will be charged at the same time, so you will never need to worry about where your phone is again as you will soon get in the habit of placing in the same place every day. You can view your media library on your TV screen as well, via iPorts useful media interface. You can view a short demo showing how it works by clicking HERE.

3. FS Free Standing System: iPort offers a selection of freestanding units for your IPod. You can view videos & Photos on your TV and listen to music on your hi-fi from your iPod. Remote control options are available via their remote control unit. This plug & play freestanding unit is a great solution for those who do not want to dig holes in their walls or have lots of cabling work done. The unit enables you to view and navigate through your media library on your TV using iPorts useful media interface. You can see what the freestanding unit looks like by clicking HERE.