iLight Dimming Systems

iLight is a leading UK based architectural lighting control specialist offering a complete suite of lighting source controllers. With iLights controllers and interfaces, you are able to control many different sources of light such as Fluorescent, LED, Tungsten Halogen and Incandescent lightfrom just one unit. As you would normally need one box for each type of light source, there are clear space savings and cost savings of up to 25% can be made versus traditional light control systems.

The control systems are complemented by push and touch-screen interfaces which can be either wall-mounted or be freestanding.

The correct lighting is an essential part of any effective design, but ensuring that the lighting setting is done correctly and consistently every day can be an issue. With iLight Controllers, you can easily create architectural or mood lighting as well as task lighting for different environments, scenes or times of day. For example, imagine you have a restaurant/bar/lounge that is open from breakfast until late night. iLight can easily program its units to ensure that you have the correct lighting, consistently.