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Case Study: OoLa Restaurant, Bridges St, SOHO, Hong Kong


Castelo Concepts is a restaurant group with a 20-year history. They operate over fifteen hospitality brands in four countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Having already established a number of other restaurants in Hong Kong, they were opening their latest outlet, OoLa in the fashionable SOHO dining district of Hong Kong. Experience had taught them just how important it is to have a quality Audio-Visual system installed. The system would need to offer the flexibility to adjust volume levels and select different music sources in various areas independently of each other. They also wanted to have an option to have video displays that could be used to show sporting events as well as be used for presentations.

Most importantly, they did not want the Audio-Visual system to detract from the restaurants interior design.

We were approached with a brief to design and install an audio-visual system that had the quality combined with the flexibility required to meet the varying needs of their customers.

Action: AV System Design Solution:

Background Music System:

The restaurant background music system is divided into eight audio zones, (bar area, cafe area, and three zones in the main restaurant, terrace, toilets and main speakers in the bar/café).

We installed an audio source select/volume control wall panel in each zone. These panels control the in-ceiling flush mount speakers, with an additional control panel in the bar/café area to control the Main DJ speaker & sub-woofer speaker system.

Up to six different audio sources (iPod, 2 x DJ Input, NOW TV, Cable TV, etc) could now be selected to play in any area from that areas local wall panel.

Two audio output panels were installed in the main restaurant area; these panels allowed portable floor standing speakers to be connected to the music system for events that required higher sound levels.

Video Display System:

Two 100-inch ceiling recessed motorized projection screens and LCD projectors with 3,000 lumens brightness output, viewable during day time operation were installed, one in the bar/café area and one in the main restaurant area.

The LCD projectors were housed on motorised projector lifts and concealed within the ceiling void and only visible when in operation. A white ceiling wood panel was fixed to the bottom of each projector lift to allow each projector to be completely concealed when not in use. Each projector was connected to an 8 input x 8 output matrix video switcher, which allowed any one of eight video input sources (NOW TV, Cable TV, DVD, Etc) to be displayed independently on either projection screen. There were also two inputs and three output skirting mounted panels located in the bar/cafe and main restaurant areas, allowing for connection of portable video equipment into the video display system and output connection for additional LCD TV or LCD projectors & screens.

The video system design also allowed for the connection of a laptop or PC via skirting-level input panels, with two PC output panels installed in the main restaurant area to allow for the display of PC input signals to connect to temporary installed LCD TVs or LCD projectors.


It was most important to the client that with all of the flexibility we had built into the system, that it was still very easy to use. We are proud to say, that we delivered in this area.

“LSI really helped us to understand what we needed from the initial briefing stage. They were very patient, guiding us through the whole process, step-by-step, making recommendations and providing guidance along the way. We can now truly maximize our revenue opportunity and can now run several events as the same time throughout the whole outlet. We are delighted with the result! ”

Al Tilley, GM – Castelo Concepts