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Case Study: Island Crest Private Residence, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong


We were approached by a our client, an international businessman who spends 80% of his life traveling the world and staying in the executive suites of the world’s top five star hotels. He wished to replicate the finer elements of home automation and audio-visual systems available to him when he traveled, in his own luxury penthouse suite at Island Crest in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong.

In addition, he needed all installed systems to complement the interior design of his apartment across both the poolside area on his roof and the apartment below. All of these needed to be controllable by iPad or iPhone from anywhere in his apartment.

Action: AV System Design Solution:

We installed a closed wifi network covering the poolside area & apartment to ensure the client could access and control all elements of his system from anywhere in the apartment. This meant that he could even control elements of his apartment while riding up in the lift.

We also installed special centralised control system that enabled all elements of the home automation system including music, air-conditioning, light, video, blinds & curtains to be controlled from one hand-held unit- in this case, the clients’ iPhone, as well as a series of in-wall touch screens located throughout the apartment.

Rooftop Poolside Area:

We installed a high quality surround sound system in the pool area that could be controlled from the clients iPhone or a hand-held touch-screen control panel that could be used anywhere in the apartment.

Apartment Area:

An Invisible speaker system was installed throughout the apartment, to ensure elegant yet discreet sound. We also installed a fully adjustable lighting system enabling different light mood settings as required. Two iPod docking stations were installed in the living room and bedroom. This meant that the client was able to select music from either of the iPods downstairs from poolside or apartment to play on the roof or in the apartment using a touch screen control panel


Our system contained a lot of functionality and ‘wow factor’ elements with ‘barely there’ looks. The client was very happy as the completed job was in parts, even better than anything he had access to in the executive suites he stayed in when he traveled. The interior designer was also delighted with our work as it did not interfere with her design at all.

“LSI really thought outside of the box here. I can control all home automation elements of my apartment while riding up in the lift to my apartment, so by the time I open the front door, the lights & air-con are already on with my favourite news program showing on the TV. I very happy with their approach and the results”

Owner –Island Crest Penthouse