We understand that your in-store AV system just needs to work without the staff needing to go on a week-long training course to work it. We can help to automate your whole system including:

  • All of your lighting, projection and in-store AV systems
  • Video displays
  • Background music
  • Digital signage
  • Remote access for uploading external content

We can even control your system remotely so your in-store staff do not need to touch the system at all. This can be very useful when you want to do launches across multiple stores in multiple countries at the same time.

We have produced great results for many High-End retail clients including Louis Vuitton, FENDI, PRADA and GUCCI. Please see our PROJECT REFERENCES section for more details.

We provide consultation, design, supply and installation services in all of the following areas:

  1. Audio-Visual Distribution Systems for retail outlets, commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, spa and treatment facilities, and private clubs.
  2. Presentation and Control Systems for conference rooms, training rooms, show suites, interactive exhibitions, and video conferencing systems.
  3. Display Systems including plasma, LCD TV, and monitor displays for retail promotions, business presentations, and entertainment venues.
  4. AV System Design Services including design consultancy services for AV installations by clients nominated contractor
  5. Architectural Lighting Control systems for hotels, bars & restaurants, conference rooms, spa & treatment facilities, retail outlets and other buildings requiring easy to use, flexible, & efficient control of lighting.
  6. Maintenance and service for designed, supplied, & installed systems, enabling the client to provide regular feedback on system operation and functionality.