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SÉURA’s LCD Vanishing TV mirrorsmirror TV’silluminated mirrors and waterproof mirror television systems offer a clever, space saving solution that looks impressive in many different environments. Imagine being able to watch TV in the bath or while taking a shower or impressing your friends or clients with now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t TV technology. SÉURA offers picture quality that is brighter and crisper than any other mirror TV of its kind. In addition, you can enjoy wide viewing angles and a full high-definition picture, no matter where you are.

SÉURA’s exclusive Premier Series and Enhanced Series mirrors offer mirror-quality float glass, delivering a flawless  combination of mirror reflectiontelevision brightness, and magic for a truly vanishing effect. Colour corrected mirror coatings significantly enhance light transmission for the highest performance of its kind.

You can download a product data sheet by clicking HERE.