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Our Workflow Process

Most of our business comes from referrals. This means we are often invited to bid for new business by satisfied clients or new clients that they have referred to us. We are always generous with our advice and always take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your needs before we even begin to think about working on a design for you.

This is where our attention to detail skills and our deep understanding of design and aesthetics really comes in useful.

We will carefully examine the design intent of your project. We will then use our extensive knowledge & experience to give you immediate feedback and recommendations, whilst managing your expectations as to what can and cannot be realistically achieved. This leads to a full brief from which to proceed.

With your brief on hand, the next phase in the process is for us to hold an internal brainstorming session to get into how we can go the extra mile in terms of innovative thinking, and use of the latest technology to help you to achieve your goals.

Once we have discussed internally & have a full understanding of your needs will we begin work on our first version of your design. Once it is complete, we will arrange a presentation to demonstrate our approach, rationale, and make initial recommendations for your project. This presentation will help you to visualise how your project will look when completed. It will also give you a clear explanation about our approach and alert you about any potential pitfalls that could delay your project at an early stage, in the process of which we will gather feedback from you.

Using the feedback gained from our first draft design presentation, we will then create a revised design ready for the next stage, taking into account any budgetary considerations or revisions we have agreed.

Once we have answered any questions you may have regarding your design, we will then schedule a project kickoff meeting.